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At the Bookstore in Sorin Hall, you can obtain everything from textbooks and supplies to gifts and Piper apparel at reasonable prices. Whether you're grabbing a new Hamline sweatshirt, loading up on snack food, or making a run for school supplies, the Bookstore鈥檚 got you covered!

You never need to worry about extra textbook fees at Hamline. If you are an undergraduate student, your rental is covered in your tuition!

Learn about Hamline's Equitable Access program below and how it helps save you money.

Textbook rental program

Yearly textbook rental fees are included in Hamline's undergraduate tuition rates. The textbook rental program is a mandatory program for all undergraduate students, as well as new transfer students.

About the Equitable Access rental program

老夫子传煤 and Hamline Bookstore offer Equitable Access, a convenient and affordable new textbook rental program that provides all your required course materials, rented to you as part of your tuition or fees. This enables you to know the full cost of your class upfront with no surprises about additional out-of-pocket costs for required course materials.

Registering for your classes and then buying your textbooks used to be two separate chores. Through the Equitable Access program, you can experience additional convenience and accessibility to your course materials without having to sign up, order online or shop around for the best price. With Equitable Access, your course materials can be picked up and returned conveniently on campus, with no additional out-of-pocket expense to you!听

Hamline Bookstore will collect your registration information from the University and prepare your rental book package for you before the term begins. You will receive an automated email when books are processed, giving you a list of the titles and the cost to buy each item if you would prefer to purchase a textbook rather than rent it. Any of the rented materials are eligible to purchase for an additional fee paid to the Hamline Bookstore. Be sure to return your rental books by the last day of finals to avoid paying additional fees to the bookstore. With the Equitable Access program, you can now get all your required course materials for all your classes simply and affordably. You can eliminate the time spent searching for deals on books AND you no longer have to worry about getting the wrong book or edition. The Equitable Access program guarantees you鈥檒l have all the books you need from day one, making it easier for you to study, learn and be successful in your studies.

If you have any questions about the Equitable Access program, we鈥檙e happy to help鈥攋ust contact hubookstore@hamline.edu听and you'll be on your way to听a great semester.

The yearly textbook rental program will be included in the undergraduate fees. All undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the book rental program.

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